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Do you want to keep the interior of your car in top condition? Could your sofa, carpet or mattress use a thorough cleaning?


Car cleaning and detailing

Caring for the interior of the car is just as important as caring for the exterior. However, surface cleaning alone is not enough. On average, twice a year, you need to do a very thorough cleaning of your car's interior to keep it looking its best. Protecting your interior trim and leather from UV rays that can dry out and fade the interior of your car is critical. By keeping the interior hygienic and clean, you can enjoy getting into your car every time.

Specialized machines are required for the interior detailing of your car. It's a delicate treatment. Our professional car detailers are therefore trained to provide you with this service.

Services we can perform:

  • Vacuuming - Seats, carpets and mats, headliner, rear cargo area and trunk are vacuumed to remove dirt.
  • Scrubbing and brushing - This is done to remove stains on carpets and mats
  • Steam Cleaning - Steam cleaning is a more effective method of removing stubborn stains from carpets and sofas.
  • Glass Cleaning - Clean the windshield and windows.
  • Leather furnishing - We use eco-friendly leather cleaning solutions to clean all leather parts in the vehicle.
  • Leather Coating - We apply a coating solution that conditions the leather seats after washing to prevent cracking.
  • Dashboard and wood inlay - We also clean the dashboard and any wood inlay in your car with special products and with the highest precision. So you can continue to drive in style.
  • Ozone Treatment - We use an Ozone generator to get rid of all unwanted odors.
  • Perfume - We spray a deodorant in the interior of a car to make the car smell clean and new.


At Pro Clean Detailing we ask that you remove all personal belongings from your car before we begin the cleaning process. If we find any remaining personal belongings we will put them in a box to protect them during our services.

Contact us today to book your professional car detailing service.


Cleaning mats and carpets

Floor mats and carpets act as a sponge for dust and germs and can pose a hygienic risk for you and your family in the long run. Thoroughly cleaning your carpets twice a year will keep them fresh and healthy.

Carpets are also heavily used in the office, with all the consequences that entails. A dirty carpet at the entrance of your business immediately gives a bad impression to the customer.

Pro Clean Detailing uses a professional steam cleaner combined with professional cleaning products that are injected into the carpet under high pressure. By extracting the water from the carpet, we remove all the dirt and germs. All carpet fibers are cleaned intensively, offer the best hygiene and look like new again.

Looking for a company for deep cleaning of your carpet? Pro Clean Detailing is your partner!


Cleaning seats and armchairs

In a living room, dust, pollen, germs, food crumbs and stains are unavoidable. Seats and armchairs are typical surfaces on which dirt sticks to. The result is dirty, unhygienic and bad-smelling furniture.

Pro Clean Detailing offers professional deep cleaning services to remove dirt, stains and germs, not just from the surface of your sofa or armchair. By injecting steam and hot water deep into the fabric, we also clean the inside.

Thanks to our specialized method, your product will not only look like new, but the cleaning of the interior will also guarantee a longer life for your sofa or armchair. Our cleaning services are powerful enough to soften or completely remove the deepest stains while not damaging the upholstery furniture.

Do you want to keep your furniture hygienic and clean? Call us today for an appointment!



If you don't take care of your mattress, it will collect a lot of bacteria, dust, dirt and germs that have a very bad influence on your sleep hygiene and general health. It is a source of many allergies and skin problems.

Your mattress also absorbs a lot of body sweat at night, leaving behind unpleasant odors and stubborn stains.

Regular deep cleaning of your mattress with a professional steam and hot water cleaner helps against the dirt, bacteria and germs. You will sleep soundly again and your mattress will stay fresher for longer.

Looking for a professional mattress cleaning at home? 


ProCleanDetailing is your partner!

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