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Have your mattress cleaned - Mattress cleaning at home & hotels

Would you like to have your mattress cleaned at home, at your hotel or Airbnb? ProCleanDetailing offers professional mattress cleaning in Antwerp, Brussels, Leuven, Ghent and the surrounding areas, so that your mattress looks like new again. We offer attractive prices for mattress cleaning, so that you can enjoy your night's sleep and a wonderful scent when you go to sleep. Sweat, urine and blood are some of the most common stubborn stains on a mattress. Our team of experts will visit you to clean your mattress. Choose us to remove bacteria and save your mattress. 


Cleaning the mattress at home

Our at-home mattress cleaning service is the best service for busy people. We remove many different stains from your mattress, such as blood stains, coffee stains or other stains from food and drinks, so that you have a clean mattress again. A clean mattress is essential for a healthy sleeping environment. It will not only improve hygiene, but also your sleep rhythm. This is better for your health, and also helps with breathing problems and dust allergies. Trust us for thorough mattress cleaning in your home!


Mattress cleaning for hotels, hospitals and care centers

We not only offer our services to private customers, but also to Airbnb, hotels, hospitals and care centers. A clean and hygienic mattress is essential for the healthcare and hotel sector. Our professional mattress cleaning for companies visits you, so that your guests, patients and residents have a healthy sleeping environment. The customer is king, so it is important that your patients, residents or visitors, have an excellent night's sleep. This helps with customer satisfaction which puts your business in a better light. 


Types of mattresses we clean

No problem is too big for us, which is why we offer cleaning for all types of mattresses. You can have us clean your pocket spring mattress, PU foam mattress, cold foam or memory foam and many other mattresses. This is very important because you use your mattress every day, which can cause a lot of bacteria to develop. There is also a chance that you may suffer from bed bugs. This can cause many problems including bumps and rashes. We ensure that your mattresses are thoroughly cleaned. We do this using the injection-extraction method and steam. Steam cleaning is recommended as it kills 99% of bacteria.

Baby Mattress Cleaning

The mattress your baby sleeps on is very important to maintain and clean properly. It is very important for the baby's health to sleep on a clean mattress. In addition, babies sometimes have accidents, such as vomiting and pooping in bed. That is why a baby mattress must also be cleaned properly for the well-being and hygiene of your baby.

Single mattress

Even when you sleep alone, it is important that your mattress is properly cleaned. Mattresses are the ideal environment for bed bugs because they provide warmth and food. Since bed bugs need blood to survive, they will bite and can cause serious problems. Not knowing that you are allergic can even lead to anaphylactic shock.

Double mattress

Especially if you and your loved one sleep together on a double mattress, it is important that it is thoroughly and professionally cleaned. Not cleaning your mattress can introduce many microscopic creatures that can hinder the health of you and your partner. It is therefore important to deep clean your double mattress.

Camper & Caravan Mattress

During your holiday with your caravan or camper, it is important that you have a clean place to sleep. That is why we also offer mattress cleaning for campers and caravans. A long day of hiking in the Alps or the Pyrenees makes you sweat. In addition, dead skin also falls from your body. It is very important to have the mattress in your camper or caravan deep cleaned.

Airbnb & Hotel Matras Cleaning

If you have a hotel or an Airbnb, it is very important to have your mattresses cleaned. There are many visitors every year who sleep on the same mattress. In addition, poor hygiene is the most common complaint from hotel guests. Do you want the room you rent to smell good? Then it is important to clean the mattresses deeply and thoroughly.

Hospital Mattresses Cleaning

The mattresses in hospitals must be cleaned thoroughly. Since many people use these beds. As a result, many bacteria build up on these beds. In addition, there are also many accidents on mattresses in hospitals. Blood and urine stains must be removed properly. That is why thorough steam deep cleaning of the hospital mattress is essential.

Why should you have your mattress professionally cleaned at ProCleanDetailing?

Valuable time is saved

Since we come to you, you can save valuable time.

You keep more money in your pocket

We offer one of the most affordable rates on the market.

Scheduling appointments is easy

Scheduling an appointment has never been easier.

We have expert cleaning

Our advanced equipment is operated by experienced technicians.

The world is becoming more sustainable

We use sustainable and natural solutions.

You can trust our services

All our staff is insured!

Reasons why ProCleanDetailing is the best mattress cleaning company

We love our work!

It is important that you choose an expert team if you have your mattress cleaned in Antwerp and the surrounding area. That is why it is best to choose ProCleanDetailing. We treat every mattress as if it were our own and do our best to remove all stains from your mattress!

Our eagerness to learn knows no bounds

The mattress cleaning industry is constantly evolving, so we do too. Our technicians have completed the latest training and courses. We are constantly learning about new products and methods to perform our work to the highest standards.

Continuous performance improvement

It is part of our corporate culture to take the development of our employees very seriously. That is why we provide training for our staff, which leads to the improvement of our employees' performance. This will always benefit our customers, allowing us to provide better services.

Do you also want furniture cleaning at home?

Renew your mattress with ProCleanDetailing!

Frequently asked questions about mattress cleaning

Do you clean mattresses in the Antwerp region?

We offer mattress cleaning in Antwerp and many other regions in Belgium. We will visit you on location to thoroughly clean your mattresses in Leuven, Hasselt, Brussels, Namur, Dinant, Charleroi, Mons, Kortrijk, Ghent and Bruges.

How much are your call-out costs?

Our call-out charges are only €1 per minute. This can save you money, especially if you want to have multiple mattresses cleaned. You can also use our other services to get an improved cost estimate. If free parking is not available, parking costs will be added to the quote.

Will all stains really be removed from my mattress?

Unfortunately, we cannot promise that this will always be the case. The stain may have been in the mattress for several years, or there may be other circumstances that play a role. We will do our utmost to remove all stains from your mattress, even the old yellow stains. If we don't get all the stains off your mattress, your mattress will still be professionally cleaned.

How much do you charge for cleaning my mattress?

This is calculated per individual situation. The status of the mattress and the size of the mattress play a role in this. Replacing a mattress is of course more expensive than having us clean it. You can request a quote via our website, so you can receive the exact price for the cleaning of your mattress.

How often should I clean the mattress?

It is important to have your mattress cleaned every 6 to 12 months. If you suffer from allergies or bed bugs, it is important to have this done more often.

How long does the cleaning process take?

This of course depends on the situation. In general, it takes about 2 hours to clean a mattress. Blood stains or urine stains may take longer to completely remove from a mattress.

Will cleaning the mattresses disrupt my hotel?

Cleaning your mattresses will not cause much disruption to your hotel. Please note that we have to enter the rooms. Therefore, it is better to choose a day when your hotel has low occupancy. Moreover, it is very important for your hotel to provide your guests with clean mattresses, and a clean and hygienic hotel improves your guests' reviews.

Are your cleaning products safe for pets and children?

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products so that your children or pets are not in danger.

How long will it take before I can use my mattress again?

Because it is a wet cleaning, you must allow time before you can use the mattress again. On average, it takes 12 hours for the mattress to dry again. This may differ per type of mattress and the humidity. We recommend that you let the mattress dry with open windows.

Does cleaning my mattress help with allergies?

A healthy sleep environment will not make your allergies go away. That said, proper cleaning may reduce dust allergies and bed bug allergies, reducing your allergy symptoms.

How can I pay for your services?

You can easily pay for the cleaning of your mattress with cash, QR code or bank transfer.

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