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Terms and Conditions



1.        Pro Clean Detailing is a company under Belgian law in the form of a company natural person, known under KBO number 0768.465.276. The registered office is located at 2530 Boechout, Boshoek 193.

2.        The Terms and Conditions below ("Terms") apply to any booking made by a customer through the website or by telephone. After booking an appointment and every agreement concluded with Pro Clean Detailing, the customer accepts that these general terms and conditions apply and waives its own general terms and conditions, unless Pro Clean Detailing expressly waives this in writing. Changes and amendments to the current general terms and conditions are tacitly accepted by the customer in the absence of protest of the invoices on which they are stated.

Appointments, services & cancellation

3.        All cleaning work is carried out at a time and place determined in mutual consultation in accordance with the wishes of the customer and the possibilities. Pro Clean Detailing reserves the right to change a booking in accordance with staffing levels and/or weather conditions and/or machine failures, without the customer being able to claim damages.

4.        Our cleaning and detailing times are an estimate only. Each vehicle or item is different and may take more or less time to perform the agreed service. Although Pro Clean Detailing always tries to keep bookings within the requested arrival window, unforeseen circumstances can cause delays.

5.        In the event of force majeure on the part of Pro Clean Detailing (strike, accidents, incidents, natural disasters, etc.), the agreement will remain in force. Consultations will take place about the situation that has arisen and the implementation date will be moved where possible.

6.        The customer can cancel a one-off cleaning assignment no later than 48 hours before the specified time. The customer bears the burden of proof of this. In the absence of timely cancellation, Pro Clean Detailing can charge 50% of the service to the customer.

7.        The customer guarantees access to the goods or items to be cleaned and provides Pro Clean Detailing with an appropriate, legitimate and safe location for the performance of the service. Pro Clean Detailing cannot perform performance in public spaces. In addition, both electricity and mains water must be available. If this is not the case, Pro Clean Detailing has the right to refuse the order on site and all useless movements and unemployment of our staff due to a fault on the part of the customer will be invoiced with a minimum of 25% of the service costs.

8.        In case the Services relate to cleaning the inside of cars or detailing, the customer is obliged to clear the cars completely of personal belongings, money and other objects. Pro Clean Detailing is not liable for any loss, theft, or damage to personal property, including the vehicle or item being serviced, property contained in the vehicle or item, or to the location of the service. Any additional work caused by this may be charged to the customer by Pro Clean Detailing at the applicable rates.

9.        All services are performed at the risk of the customer and the vehicles or objects must withstand normal cleaning and detailing processes. Pro Clean Detailing is not liable for the discharge or loss of power of car batteries during the cleaning work or afterwards. The customer is expected to check their vehicle after the service to ensure that all interior lights, headlights or running lights are turned off.

10.     Pro Clean Detailing undertakes to use all professional skills to perform the services to be provided in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Only services included in your order and additional services approved by Pro Clean Detailing are covered by our service warranty. The parties can always expand the service order in writing in consultation.

11.      All bookings made or service requests require verification of address, package and vehicle or item condition. Service requests are not automatically accepted at the time of booking and may be declined or canceled by Pro Clean Detailing at any time. Pro Clean Detailing reserves the right to refuse customer demands beyond the booked service. Pro Clean Detailing reserves the right to use an independent contractor to perform the job.

12.      Pro Clean Detailing does not tolerate verbal or physical violence towards its staff. In the event of such behavior, Pro Clean Detailing may terminate its assignment and additional legal action may be taken.

13.      Pro Clean Detailing has concluded an insurance policy for operation. However, we disclaim any liability for breakage or damage to vehicles, items or installations, arising from their poor condition, as well as scratches in windows and mirrors. Despite our concerns, some stains on carpets may persist.

14.      Except for one-off cleanings and otherwise agreed in writing, our contracts are entered into for a period of 1 year, after which the contract ends by operation of law or can be renewed between the parties. Contracts can be terminated prematurely with a notice period of three months, commencing on the month following the month in which the termination took place. If this notice period cannot be respected, compensation for a period of three months is due.

15.      Our materials and products, even if they are stored with the customer, remain our exclusive property and may not be used without express permission. If products or materials are damaged or disappear at times when no personnel of the company is present, the company has the right to charge for the damage incurred.

Rates and payment terms

16.      Our prices are based on the type of cleaning or detailing, the location, the type of car/item and the condition of the vehicle/item. The rates are advertised as a FROM price. Pro Clean Detailing reserves the right to change a price during cleaning/detailing if it deviates from the original estimate. Displacements under 15 km are included in the price. For further journeys above 15 km, an additional cost of € 0.90 per km will be charged.

17.      Pro Clean Detailing reserves the right to charge an hourly rate of 70 Eur (or part thereof) for work that does not fall within the limits of the booking. A surcharge of 20% may be charged for cleaning of excessive blood, vomit, excrement or other (dangerous) substances. If Pro Clean Detaling was not informed about this in advance, it reserves the right to schedule or refuse the assignment at another time.

18.     Pro Clean Detailing reserves the right to adjust its prices if the costs would increase due to an external cause and the prices for this were not adjusted in implementation of the previous paragraph. These include duties, taxes or costs imposed by the government, increases in other social security contributions and insurance premiums. When one of these elements (eg health index) changes, the prices are automatically and proportionally adjusted from the first monthly invoice following the date of the change.

19.      Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the services provided are immediately payable upon completion and upon first request by Pro Clean Detailing. Pro Clean Detailing may also request an advance payment from the customer before performing the service. In the case of continuous contracts, our invoices are payable within 30 days of the invoice date. Non-payment on the due date will, in full and without notice, incur an interest of 10% per year from the due date of the invoice. In this case, the amount of the invoice, in full and without further notice, will also be increased by 10%, with a minimum of 75 € by way of flat-rate compensation for costs, which are not legal costs.

20.      In the event of non-payment of the invoices on the due date, Pro Clean Detailing reserves the right to suspend the performance or to dissolve the current contract without prior notice. In the latter case, the termination of the contract will be notified by registered letter and the customer will owe us a compensation equal to 3 months of services, in addition to the services already performed and unpaid.

21.      Pro Clean Detailing does not collect debit or credit card information from the customer when booking. Debit/credit cards are processed by external payment channels such as Stripe.com and PayPal.com

Complaints and communication

22.      Complaints about the execution of the works must be formulated within 24 hours by e-mail to office@ProCleanDetailing.be. After this period, the delivery and the works are considered to have been performed and accepted by the customer. The customer accepts this short term because in the event of a later complaint, due to the nature of the services, a correct check is impossible. If the customer carries out additional cleaning or adjustments within 24 hours after the work itself or by third parties, the work will be performed by Pro Clean Detailing after having been accepted by the customer.

23.      In the absence of any other protest by registered letter within 8 calendar days of an invoice, the invoiced amount is tacitly and irrevocably accepted by the customer.

24.      Pro Clean Detailing may send the customer email or text messages to confirm the service request, provide information about the cleaner/detailer who will perform the job, and conduct a customer satisfaction survey after the job is completed. Depending on the mobile phone provider, costs may be charged. Pro Clean Detailing is not responsible for these possible costs.

25.      Pro Clean Detailing can call you directly to schedule your service or conduct a customer satisfaction survey. Pro Clean Detailing can query the customer to gauge marketing strategies. In the event of a canceled request, the reasons for cancellation can be inquired about.

Contract Validity and Applicable Law

26.     The non-application of one or more clauses of these general terms and conditions will only indicate a mere tolerance and goodwill, and can under no circumstances be invoked as a renunciation of the later application of these clauses.

27.      All our agreements are governed by Belgian law. Disputes fall under the jurisdiction of the Belgian Courts.