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Matras Reiniging - Vlekken uit matras verwijderen

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Clean Mattresses - Hygiene in Hotels

In a hotel, different visitors sleep on the same mattress every year. That is an average of 150 people a year who share the same mattress. Some take great care of their hygiene, while others don't. According to a recent study, a hotel mattress collects an impressive amount of dust, skin, sweat, saliva, and even trace amounts of urine and semen in one year. We know! Bah! Everything ends up in the bed! An average hotel mattress contains 30 times more bacteria per cm2 than the door handle of a public toilet. This is a problem for most visitors. If you want to clean and disinfect your mattress so that your visitors can enjoy the benefits of a healthy and clean sleeping environment, then Pro Clean Detailing is your partner!


How to clean a mattress at home

It's not a complicated process, but the equipment can be quite pricey. To clean a mattress stain you need a lot of knowledge about the types of stains and products, otherwise you can damage your mattress to such an extent that there is no turning back. Pro Clean Detailing technicians always start by vacuuming your mattress and removing all the hair. We then start the disinfection process by cleaning your mattress with a steam cleaner. This loosens the dust and dirt particles and makes the mattress easier to clean. We will also allow a pre-treatment of stains to work into the mattress. We then perform a deep cleaning of the mattress with an injection extraction machine. To remove molds and germs, we treat your mattress with UV-C light. Optionally, we spray your mattress with an anti-dust mite spray.



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