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September 01, 2023 4 min read

When you clean your carpet, it is important that you have a good carpet cleaner at home. A good carpet cleaner is half the battle. That is why we at ProCleanDetailing have listed the best carpet cleaners of 2023. 

What is a carpet cleaner? 

Before we start with the list, it is of course first good to know what a carpet cleaner is. A carpet cleaner can be either the cleaning agent or the machine itself. In this case, it is the machine that cleans the carpet and makes it look brand new again. It is a device that works with water and detergent, when the detergent gets on the carpet, the carpet cleaner has a function that makes it immediately is sucked in again. Private carpet cleaners can do the basic job of cleaning carpets, but they often don't have enough suction power to leave the surface looking good. A professional carpet cleaner, on the other hand, has a lot of suction power. This way the carpet or rug can be deeply cleaned.

On what criteria did we choose the best carpet cleaners? 

It is important for you to know how we decided what the 5 best carpet cleaners in 2023 are. 

With our years of experience in carpet cleaning, we tested which carpet cleaners we thought were the best, but also tested the quality of the devices. We also tested the ease of use of the different machines, because using a carpet cleaner is not always easy. We also looked at and compared online reviews so we could make the best choice for you. 

What are the best carpet cleaners of 2023? 

Let's get started quickly so you can get your new carpet cleaner. These are the best carpet cleaners of the moment:

de beste tapijtreinigers

1. Bissell ProHeat 2x Liftoff 

Bissell is number one on our list of the best carpet cleaners. This is a powerful device for cleaning your carpet. It is certainly not the cheapest on this list and costs almost € 350. The nozzle of this machine is also easily removable, making it easier to clean the carpet. Unfortunately, not everything is perfect, and the Bissell Proheat also comes with some drawbacks. Due to its design, the Bissell is not very easy to steer, which can make drying difficult. In addition, it is also difficult to disassemble it, and the carpet cleaner may get stuck due to the dirt that has been removed. Despite that, we still voted it the best carpet cleaner for consumers.

2. Vax Platinum SmartWash 

The predecessor of the Platinum Smartwash from Vax was the Platinum Power Max, and we thought it was very good. Vax has outdone itself with this model. It removes a large number of dirt and dust from your carpet or rug. In addition, it is also an easy machine to drive; the process is almost completely automated. This carpet cleaner is number two on our list of carpet cleaners. It does come with a very hefty price tag; the Vax Platinum Smartwash costs more than € 300. There is also no guarantee that it removes 100 percent of the dust and dirt from your carpet or rug.

3. Kärcher SE 4001 Tapijt cleaner 

Kärcher is a well-known brand among carpet cleaners. It's also not as expensive as other carpet cleaners, with a price tag of $200. This is therefore better for the average income in Belgium. It also removes dirt from the carpet fibers quite well. In addition, the Kärcher has a 3-in-1 handle, which makes transporting the device easier. Unfortunately, it does not go deep enough to cleanse to the core. So if you have allergies or pets, this is not the best carpet cleaner for you.

4. Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner 

The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is the cheapeston the list of the best carpet cleaners, for just € 150 you can have a carpet cleaner like this one. That also comes with disadvantages, a non-professional cheap carpet cleaner does not have enough power to remove all the dirt from a carpet.So if you really want a carpet cleaner that you can take with you everywhere, this is the best option. If you prefer a carpet cleaner that really cleans everything thoroughly, you will soon pay a lot more.

5. Vax Platinum Power Max 

We already talked about it extensively in number 2 of the list; this is the predecessor of the Vax Platinum Smartwash. This is at number 5 because the preparatory work for this device is very extensive. The Power Max makes things very complicated, especially for stubborn stains that are almost impossible to remove with a private carpet cleaner. An advantage is that this carpet cleaner makes almost no noise, but you will easily pay € 200 to € 300 for that.

What are the benefits of using a carpet cleaner? 

If you really know how to clean carpet, then carpet cleaners can be a wise choice. Then you must of course know exactly what you are doing and have done good preparation in advance, so that you do not make the stains worse. Your own carpet cleaner can be a great first step in cleaning the carpet in your home. 

What are the disadvantages of using a carpet cleaner? 

tapijt laten schoonmaken in antwerpen

Carpets and rugs are very expensive; a carpet cleaner can sometimes cause more damage than it does good. If you are not up to date on the latest methodologies and have no training in this area, chances are you will only make your carpet dirtier. In addition, many residential carpet cleaners cannot clean in the same way as one professional carpet cleaning company.

Why choose a professional carpet cleaner? 

Een tapijtschoonmaakmachine in Antwerpen

A residential carpet cleaner often gets the job done right. However, a thorough cleaning of your carpet is necessary; this is almost impossible with a carpet cleaner that you purchased via bol.com or amazon.be. Deep stains in the carpet will almost never be removed, and these machines are also quite difficult to operate for people who have not had certification for this. That's why the best carpet cleaner of 2023 is a professional cleaning service, so you can be sure that all the dirt disappears and you no longer suffer from allergies.